WOWAshlee chat in stockings

WOWAshlee’s Stunning Rubber Cam Show

WOWAshlee’s Stunning Rubber Cam Show, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

WOWAshlee chat in stockings WOWAshlee sports bra

Having trawled around the webcam scene for some time it is not very often that you find something that makes you go wow!  I should have known by her name that WOWAshlee was one such girl.

When you check out her profile there is no doubt that she is a really attractive girl.  She has great blonde hair and a fine fit body, her smile is enough to send shivers down your spine.  You can see that she has a great pair of tits and if you delve more deeply then you will notice that she has a shaved pussy.  Now all that is great but you could be describing any one of hundreds of cam models, but WOWAshlee has something that will really set her apart.

Maybe I was lucky, but my first cam show with WOWAshlee was something I will never forget.  Because she was dressed head to toe in tight black rubber.  The rubber was glossy and slick and fitted WOWAshlee’s body perfectly.  It was like she was naked, with the tight fitting material slotting deep into her pussy.

She was cavorting and rubbing herself, obviously very turned on and ready for fun.  I was equally turned on and our love for rubber made us a great pair.  As well as her dress she also had a dominant streak which is something else that I love and I was putty in her hands as she slowly began to undo the zip that was round her crotch.  She suit was so tight that when it was undone, the zip and material looked like an extra pair of pussy lips, as she dipped in her finger and held it up to the camera to show me her wetness.  That was it and I lost control, coming long and hard as I furiously stimulated my hard cock.

What a girl WOWAshlee is and what a rubber clad performer!

WOWAshlee ass on cam

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