Next2you is a Foot Fetish Dream

Next2you is a Foot Fetish Dream, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings


Stunning hot brunette cam girl Next2you is a must watch if you are a fan of feet.  This babe has wonderful long legs and the most perfect pair of cute, well manicured feet you could ever wish to see!  A real foot fetish dream.

Whenever I have been around cam sites, you will always find guys asking girls to show their feet.  Some will oblige but they do not seem to realize that for some guys, this really is their thing and you are lucky if you get a quick flash of their soles before it is back to the tits and ass shows that everyone does.

Next2you is not like this.  She knows the power of her feet and she is not afraid to use it!  My first cam show with her she was wearing a white all in one body suit, with white stockings and white open toed stiletto’s.  I think it is important to note that whilst I was quite disparaging about tits and ass shows earlier, Next2you could get by on this alone, as she has a great pair of tits and a real sexy ass to boot!

Well, the show went on and she really understood what a foot fetish fan would want to see, teasing with her long legs as she kept her shoe hanging from her toes – delicious!  The show ended with her giving a stocking clad foot job to a dildo she had strapped to a chair.  She was such a great performer it felt as though it was my cock getting the foot treatment.

Next2you is a must see if you are a foot fetish kind of guy, be sure to check her out!


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